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related items
Heavy Darklight Armor70
Heavy Darklight Flanchard70
Heavy Darklight Gauntlets70
Heavy Darklight Plate Belt70
Warwolf Cuirass of Fending70
Warwolf Trousers of Fending70
Warwolf Gauntlets of Fending70
Warwolf Belt of Fending70
Warwolf Barbut of Fending70
Warwolf Sollerets of Fending70
Protector's Barbut70
Protector's Cuirass70
Protector's Gauntlets70
Protector's Trousers70
Protector's Sollerets70
Protector's Sash70
Storm Elite's Sallet70
Storm Elite's Scale Mail70
Storm Elite's Gauntlets70
Storm Elite's Skirt70
Storm Elite's Sollerets70
Serpent Elite's Helm70
Serpent Elite's Haubergeon70
Serpent Elite's Gauntlets70
Serpent Elite's Culottes70
Serpent Elite's Jackboots70
Flame Elite's Armet70
Flame Elite's Cuirass70
crafting recipes
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