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Darklight Eyepatch of Striking70
Darklight Corselet of Striking70
Darklight Subligar70
Darklight Bracers of Striking70
Darklight Caligae of Striking70
Darklight Whipping Belt70
Gryphonskin Voyager's Belt70
Warwolf Eyepatch of Striking70
Warwolf Corselet of Striking70
Warwolf Kecks of Striking70
Warwolf Bracers of Striking70
Warwolf Caligae of Striking70
Warwolf Belt of Striking70
Fistfighter's Goggles70
Fistfighter's Jackcoat70
Fistfighter's Gloves70
Fistfighter's Breeches70
Fistfighter's Jackboots70
Fistfighter's Sash70
crafting recipes
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